Constructed from lightweight and durable EVA Foam.  Armor comes with extra long adjustable Velcro and Nylon strapping so it can fit most any size. (suits are ONE SIZE FITS MOST) LED lighting runs on AA batteries and has an easy to access on/off switch located on the back of the suit.

Each item/suit is hand constructed one piece at a time. There are no molds or mass production on these so please allow 2 to 3 weeks build time on each item.

All prices listed include shipping and insurance costs within the continental United States. For orders outside the United States please contact for exact shipping and handling costs. 

M8 Rifles come Fully painted. All Armor comes in the default Grey and Black. 
Choice of Suit LED lighting colors are Red or Blue, please note which color desired when ordering. 

Torso sets Include the Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms, Gloves and Cod piece.
Full Sets contain everything but Boots and Spandex Under suit.
Leg Sets contain the Upper legs (thigh) and lower legs (shin/calf)


M8 Rifle Only - $350.00 USD



 N7 Torso Set Only - $650.00 USD

 N7 Legs Only - $350.00 USD

 N7 Full Armor Set - $950.00 USD 

N7 Full Armor Set + M8 Rifle - $1250.00 USD


Female armor has more compound curves and takes longer to construct, thus the pricing difference from the male version)

N7 Torso Set Only - $700.00 USD

N7 Legs Only - $400.00 USD

N7 Full Armor Set - $1050.00 USD

N7 Full Armor Set + M8 Rifle - $1350.00 USD

SPECIAL: Raw Female Breast plate sheet - $75.00 USD
(just a basic formed foam breast piece for those making their own costumes)


Payments can be made via PayPal to 
(or mail/money order by special arrangement)

All payments MUST be made in US Dollars.

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