Live Video/Chat Streaming from the Workshop

For those that dont follow my Facebook postings, just wanted to post a link to my Live Cam Stream where you can watch me work on projects and ask me questions via the chat function on the video feed. I broadcast almost daily, and though the hours will vary, I am most often on in the evenings. (EST)

My Ustream Live Channel


02-05-13 -  Halo 4 DIDACT Costume! 
(All Commissions temporarily on Hold) 

This week I will be starting on my biggest challenge to date. The Didact from Halo 4. I will be live streaming this entire build from start to finish on my Ustream channel (linked above) I expect this project to take about 4 to 6 months to complete in total. For the time being I am suspending all commission requests and orders for other work. Commission orders/requests will resume once the current project is completed. 


09-07-12 -  Commissions Reopening! 

* Commission orders/requests will resume on September 17, 2012 and will be open for a limited time. Messages/emails time stamped starting on that day will generally be replied to within 24 hours. (anything sent prior to that date will be ignored, or simply sent this form reply) Confirmed orders will then be handled on a first paid, first served basis until all are filled. Wait time for completion of orders will increase as the list grows, but generally takes about 1 to 4 weeks maximum turnaround time for most. 

* Blue Suns Armor Debuted at Dragon Con 2012! Check my Facebook page for many photos from Dragon Con. 

* Custom Set of N7 Armor made for Mark Meer (voice actor of Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect Series) Photos on Facebook

* Coming Soon!! Daily Live Streaming of EVA foam construction. See me cuss and burn myself in real time, LIVE on the INTERWEBS!


12-31-11 -  Happy New Year! 

-Several new projects are underway for 2012! Mostly involving my new 
addiction to the video game Skyrim. Currently working on a test build 
for one of the weapons from the game. 
Videos of the build can be found on my Blog and YouTube pages.

New pricing and ordering info for the N7 Armor posted. I am now making 
Male and Female versions of the suits available as well as raw Female 
breastplate pulls for those wanting to make their own costumes.
For more information click here.


7-01-11 -  Mass Effect N7 Armor Torso Sets 

I now have a few of the N7 armor sets available. 
These were recently listed on Ebay but did not sell so I am now offering them here. 
Since I don't have to pay the massive Ebay seller fees I can offer them at a substantially reduced cost. 
There are only 4 sets available so they will be a first come first served deal. 
For more information and detailed photos of the armor sets for sale click here.


12-03-10 -  Detailed Video series Coming soon!

Starting in mid to late January I will be working on a series of in depth videos showing how I do each step of the foam suits. These will include everything from pattern making to final wiring and painting. Hopefully these will help to answer many of the questions about working with EVA Foam.

Its rapidly approaching the holidays, so if anyone wants any custom work completed in time please send your requests asap. I currently have 2 Torso sets of N7 armor ready to ship which I am currently offering on Ebay.


7-25-10 -              Re-listing My one of a kind Insectoid Guyver Helmet 
on Ebay due to the hi bidder backing out of the auction 
at the last minute. Here's a second chance to own it! 
The new auction can be found HERE.

On a separate note, the Mass Effect 2 N7 Armors are coming along nicely 
and will be ready in time for Dragon*Con. Be sure to check out my N7 Armor Blog for the latest updates.

6-28-10 -                   Selling my  Insectoid Guyver Helmet on Ebay.            
This is the only one of these that I will ever make.
Check out the auction HERE

6-24-10 -                    Working on 2 new sets of armor from                        
the Game Mass Effect 2. Making Male and Female 
versions of the N7 Armor. Using 
EVA Foam for this so they are coming 
together very quickly. For daily updates of the 
project which can also serve as a tutorial, please
 visit my N7 Armor Blog.

3-9-10 -     Busy with custom commissions lately. (still accepting             
                new commissions as of this posting)  Not much time to       
               update the site, but if you would like to see daily updates 
                                     of the projects I am working on then please visit my                               
           Deviant art profile.

1-29-10 -     An unknown viral somehow got into my system, disabled my      
                      NIC card and slowly began to much away at my system. After 
                 all attempts to remove and repair failed I had no option but 
                to reformat and reinstall everything. Luckily I had learned 
                    from past system failures and had everything backed up this 
                         time.  Guyver 1 Helmets are now available for ordering on the    
           Order page.  My new costuming project, the R.I.G.O.R 
             combat armor
is coming along nicely and I will be adding 
     more photos and info on it to this site soon. Current 
              progress photos of it can be found on my Myspace page
             I'm also in the process of setting up a Deviant art profile
     as well which contains much of the work shown here 
            in this site as well as more of my photography and other 
artistic endeavors.                                                    

   12-10-09 -    Not much time for updates lately, busy getting ready for the        
              holidays and working on the new RIGOR armor. (photo 
      updates on this can be found on my myspace page
        Almost finished recasting the molds for the Guyver 1 
                 Helmets so those will again be available for ordering soon.

10-16-09 -    I am extending the deadline for free shipping on Halloween      
                             Orders to Monday the 19th of October.  After that you will have 
                 to pay additional shipping charges if you want to get it in 
time for Halloween.                                             

  10-05-09 -     Just a reminder, To ensure delivery before Halloween              
 the deadline for orders is the 15th of October. 

  09-16-09 -     Toying with a new Gallery / image viewer on the Gallery Page.
                                Let me know if you have any problems with it. Also added some 
  Videos to the Gallery Page.                                

09-11-09 -     Updated the Order Page. Still working on the layout and       
                               design, you may notice some irregularities as I modify the site. 

09-10-09 -     Just got the site back online! It's no where near finished yet 
                             but I have gotten a good deal of the How-To section uploaded.


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